Celebrating our Fifth Anniversary

On December 24, 2006 my honey and I married on the beach in California. Today, we celebrated five years as husband and wife. We had an amazing lunch at Six Seven, the restaurant at The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle.

After lunch, we took a few photos in front of a sculpture we had commissioned to commemorate this day.

Mr and Mrs White

Just kidding! Imagine Mr. and Mrs. White having their own initial forged in steel? This is part of the University of Washington. Washington, White, whatever. It worked for the shoot.


couple in front of W

happy couple

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been married for five years! There were a few moments when I didn’t think we’d make it this far but mostly I’m amazed at how quickly time has flown by. We have so much fun together and we’ve gotten into a groove. Things just work. It’s nice to not have to over-analyze things and talk everything to death. We’re different, but we embrace our differences. We have love and trust, and that goes a long way.

Today, we bummed around Seattle, but five years ago we were getting ready for the big day. We had a small ceremony, with only my parents and younger brother in attendance. We were engaged for close to a year (Terrence proposed on Christmas the year before), but we hadn’t made wedding plans until two weeks before.

We decided to turn a family get-together into a wedding. We were meeting my parents in Long Beach anyway, so why not? With such a short time to plan, we quickly learned to prioritize. Terrence started by asking my dad’s permission. That was the first step in creating a close friendship. Good move, sweetie!

Two handsome guys

We found an officiant to conduct the ceremony, we got a license and rings, and I found a dress.

(As a side note, it’s possible to find a wedding dress that doesn’t cost a fortune. I went to Macy’s and looked through their holiday section. Someone else might have worn this to a New Year’s eve party, but it’s wedding-worthy too. And was 50% off the original $400 price tag.)

the dress

Of course we had to rent a fun car. We drove a Mustang convertible. Compared to the cold, wet, Seattle weather, California in winter is a top-down kind of place. But the locals thought we were crazy for driving around without the roof in 65-degree weather.

Halfway through our short trip to the beach, Terrence made a sudden U-turn. Cold feet? Change of heart? I was a bit nervous. Turns out, he’d seen a roadside flower stand and turned back to buy me a bouquet. How sweet is that?

happy couple

After a short-and-sweet ceremony we went to Bono’s Restaurant for dinner. It’s owned by Christie Bono, daughter of the late Sonny Bono. It was LA County, after all, and we felt adding a celebrity angle would be fun.

We honeymooned in Compton, but that’s another story.

I enjoyed our fun, stress-free wedding, and I adore Terrence. Here’s to many, many more years together.


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18 responses to “Celebrating our Fifth Anniversary

  1. earnedbeauty

    Aww, what an awesome couple! Congrats and happy anniversary!!!


    What a romantic post and fabulous photos!!! Love the “W”.

    We’re so happy to have shared that memorable day with you and Terrence!! You were a radiant bride and he was a handsome groom. Now you are a gorgeous wife and he is a handsome husband! You make a beautiful couple and I wish you bliss!!!

    Merry Christmas and another happy year together!!!

  3. I love you guys! Love Love Love!!! Congrats- here’s to 50 more years… xo

  4. Congratulations, Jean! This post was so much fun to read. You were such a beautiful bride, and I love you and Terrence together. Cheers to a long, wonderful life together!

  5. These are beautiful! Congrats on five years!

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  7. A very sweet post, Happy Anniversary!!
    My daughter is in the process right now of planning their wedding in October. They’ve chosen the ceremony to be on the Skansonia. A retired ferry boat on Lake Union. She has expensive taste and is having a hard time dialing back on the expenses. But I’ll be glad when it’s all said and done and I can have my paychecks back. ha!
    Your photos are lovely. What a great idea for a backdrop too!

    • Wow! Sounds like it’s going to be a fun wedding day. Weddings certainly can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. I like when couples find a wedding style that suits them so the day is truly theirs. Sounds like your daughter knows exactly how to do that! Send the couple my congratulations 🙂

  8. I just discovered this entry, after reading an entry on your mum’s page. Congratulations on your marriage, and life together as a couple. I truly wish you guys well. I admire genuine love.

  9. It’s my pleasure. It’s always wonderful whenever I encounter others, high on life in their relationships. I bid you a wonderful week as well.

  10. Bob

    I read your Mom’s blog today and followed her link to this post…..congratulations on your wedding anniversary every Dec. 24………..you comment “we’re different but we embrace our differences”…..sounds like a formula for a life time of happy marriage (to the same person). 🙂

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