Blazer Day with a Touch of Marigold

This is my go-to look, I’ve decided: Blazer, jeans, and heels.


blue and gold

Blazer: Laundry by Shelli Segal via thrifted
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Tank: Papaya
Scarf: DIY
Earrings: Airport kiosk
Shoes: Nine West

Today, I added a DIY t-shirt scarf and I wore open-toed shoes with socks. You might also notice the embellishment at the bottom of the blazer. I did that! The lining was coming undone so I re-hemmed it and while I was at it I did a little freestyle machine sewing. I just turned the jacket this way and that while I sewed until I had a neat pattern.


How do you customize your things? Do you have a signature look?


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4 responses to “Blazer Day with a Touch of Marigold

  1. I love the blazer look! I like the yellow top, blazer, and dark jeans! Looks fantastic! I posted a WIWW blog if you want to check mine out! 🙂

  2. I like the mustard and the purple – such a pretty and bold color combination!

  3. It is bold, isn’t it? I never thought of it that way because the shoes are such a spall part of the outfit. Just a touch of color. I love dark jeans. They are so much dressier than faded ones.

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