Le Scarf Parisian

My friend Shannon went to Paris for Christmas and brought me back this amazing scarf! I love it. It’s so long and soft. It’s a wonderful ruched style with a subtle monochromatic rose pattern woven through it.

French scarf

Scarf: Parisian Christmas market
Top: Michael Kors via thrifted
Earrings: Charlotte Ruche
Jeans: See by Chloe
Boots: Naughty Monkey via thrifted

close up

I love scarves and I wear them a lot. I’ve always thought they add a European vibe to an outfit. And since this is from France, it really is European! Trés chic! It’s got a really neat structural quality to it. I can twist it in fun ways and it holds its shape well. It looks great with my gray pea coat and it’s going to match my red raincoat nicely.

black gray yellow

If you’d like to see what else Shannon was up to in the City of Lights, check out her post about the trip. Thank you, Shannon!


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3 responses to “Le Scarf Parisian

  1. It looks really soft, your friend has great taste 🙂

  2. I am so glad that you like it! It looks amazing on you!

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