PhoDOGraphy: Frankie Visits Marymoor Park

My dog Frankie first tried out his new camera last winter. You can see the pictures he took in his previous post. At the end of summer, we tried the pet camera again. You can see it attached to his collar, below.

Frankie at work

Following Jean down the gravel path. La-dee-da, la-dee-da…

follow the leader

Ooh, a fence. Gotta claim it as my own.


Dang it’s hot. I hope my tongue isn’t covering the lens. How embarrassing would that be? Gotta get some water outta the river…


This really is a beautiful park. Lotsa trees and bushes…My whisker is itchy!


Hey, look at that cute schnauzer…


I wonder what’s behind the blackberry bushes?


It’s so bright, but I love being in nature!


I’ll get out with Frankie again. This time the temperature will be lower and his tongue will hopefully stay in his mouth!


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3 responses to “PhoDOGraphy: Frankie Visits Marymoor Park

  1. It’s interesting to see a dog’s-eye-view!!

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