Velvet Blazer and Ruffles

I haven’t worn this asymmetrical skirt in years. I wore this velvet blazer once this past spring, but it hasn’t seen the outside of my closet for a while. I’m sticking with my resolution to wear all the things in my closet, so I paired these two neglected items and made a new outfit.

velvet blazer

Tank: Target
Blazer: Doki-Geki
Skirt: Broadway Boutique
Shoes: John Fluevog
Purse: Thrifted

I went out for brunch with Mr. Jean of all Trades and I liked being put-together and comfortable. I have this jacket in black and the skirt in burgundy, so perhaps you’ll see a very similar outfit in different colors soon.

And for the first time I’m actually organized enough to participate in Sophistique Noir’s Monthly theme. This month is rings. You can’t see my new ring in the photo, so here it is up close.

ring and polish

And here it is on my hand.

hand model

Ring: Crazy Harry’s
Polish: Earthly Delights

I realize that I’m lousy at applying nail polish and even lousier at being a hand model. If I keep my hands moving, the manicure doesn’t look bad, but up close, well, it’s a bit sloppy. Nevertheless, I like my ring. It has an art deco feel to it. I bought it at a market in Fort Lauderdale last week.

Check out all the other entries at this month’s roundup:

monthly theme


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10 responses to “Velvet Blazer and Ruffles

  1. Lovely, classic outfit and I really like the ring.

  2. Is that the ring you bought at the Festival Flea Market? Looks beautiful and goes great with your outfit!! (Can’t wait to see it in black and burgundy.) Your nail polish shade matches so well – what color/make is it?

    • Glad you asked! I just added info about where I got the ring and what kind of polish it is. The ring is from the flea market. The polish is by Earthly Delights (shade is Gossimer). Glad you asked. I wanted to point them out. They specialize in environmentally friendly nail polish so I believe this is made without formaldehyde, etc.

  3. what a great find for just 5$! no youre not a lousy handmodel!

  4. This is a seriously cute outfit-I love your boots! And what a pretty ring!

    • Thanks Jamie! I need to wear this outfit more often. The boots were a splurge I treated myself to a couple of years ago but I wear them so often that it’s a good cost-per-wear situation 🙂

  5. I saw this post yesterday, before I realized it was for the Rings theme, and fell hopelessly in love with this outfit! But that ring… I’m speechless. It’s so beautiful! 5$??? The style reminds me of some vintage marcasite rings I had my eye on in San Diego just a few weeks ago – I had my heart set on getting one for this theme but the prices were crazy!

    Thank you for joining in this month’s theme. Yes, I love everything about this post! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m happy you like the outfit and ring. I was thrilled to find such good deals at the flea market. I’m glad I joined the theme. I just wasn’t very organized about my timing so I decided to post early and join today 🙂

      I learned a new word today (from you): Marcasite. I looked online and love it! I can see how this ring looks similar.

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