Green Sneakers for Skydiving

I went indoor skydiving recently. It was so much fun and I highly recommend it. I booked a beginner session for Mr. Jean of all Trades and myself through a local outfitter, iFly Seattle. The instructor was a lot of fun–and very helpful. This sport is safe for novices but with practice, it gets to be a fun and challenging event.

The preflight instructions said to wear “well-fitting, lace-up sneakers, or running shoes. Other shoes are not suitable. Wear casual clothes, preferably pants and a shirt with no collar.” Dressing for the event would be the hardest part! I don’t wear sneakers in public. I tried that once and was in a shame spiral all day.

But I do have a fun pair of green shoes that I don’t wear often. They did the job.

casual day

Notice the lack of collar on my shirt? See how I’m wearing pants and keeping it casual? I can follow instructions to a T!


Cardigan: Nordstrom
T-shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Champion
Purse: Crystalyn Kae

When we arrived at iFly, we threw flight suits over our casual clothes (think mechanic’s coveralls or racecar driver’s outfit). I didn’t get to take a picture of myself in that gear because my valuables were locked away during the jump.

And for those of you wondering what the heck indoor skydiving is, well, it’s a vertical wind tunnel that moves air up at high speeds. When you jump into the wind tunnel you float and soar around. It’s hard to describe. It didn’t give me butterflies like a rollercoaster and it didn’t make me feel queasy like a boat. It was simply fun.

Have you tried it?


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8 responses to “Green Sneakers for Skydiving

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  2. From motorbikes to roller derby, from bungee jumping to skydiving: You never cease to amaze me with your adventurous spirit!!!

    At age 9, you went horseback riding with your dad. They asked if you had ever ridden before and you replied, “Yes” (meaning a little escorted pony ride at a kiddie fair!) so, off you went in a full gallop for the first time in your life with virtually no experience! The riding instructor was impressed and commented what a good rider you were!!

    Most women who do these sports wear running shoes and jeans every day, but you are very classy and dress so fashionably – even under a jumpsuit!!

    • Ha ha! That was fun. The outfitter almost turned me away. Glad they didn’t. It was a lot of fun. I just remembered “heels down” and “hang on.” I’m glad dad let me try it. He said he was scared when the group broke into a full gallop!

  3. SadieSewBaggins

    So funny about your “shame spiral” wearing sneakers in public! I guess that’s the sign of a true fashionista. Anyway, this whole outfit is super cute. And you’re living up to your name Jean of All Trades!

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  5. Sounds like so much fun! I also rarely wear sneakers…I just never feel like me in them

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