DIY Rug Skirt

I am not a doormat–but my skirt is! I made this awesome stretchy pencil skirt from two doormats I bought at the dollar store. The mats are made of stretchy strips of fabric (scraps from the garment industry, I believe). I have to give credit to a pair and a spare. I saw this idea on her blog.

rug skirt

Top: Flea market
Skirt: DIY
Necklace: Macy’s
Cuff: Claire’s
Tights: Roots Canada
Boots: Old Navy
Clutch: Victoria’s Secret

red, white, and black

I laid the rugs on a table, placed one of my own fitted skirts over it and pinned the rugs so I knew where to sew. Twenty minutes and two dollars later, I had an awesome skirt.

the rug

I sewed the basic shape, trimmed the excess material from the edges, and then zig-zagged over the new edges so my skirt would stay together. Because the rug/skirt is stretchy I didn’t even have to add a zipper. I simply pull it on.

stretchy skirt

This project was easy and fun. I’m happy to showcase it as part of this month’s Ethical Fashion Blogger roundup.


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9 responses to “DIY Rug Skirt

  1. andrea

    Wow… Red black white… I’m in love. May I borrow sometime? So cool!

  2. That’s awesome, Jean! I love the colors on this. The similar rugs that I bought (from FM for way more than $1!) are way more haphazard in the colors, so that’s what I was picturing your skirt to be like! But this one is beautiful!!

    • Thanks! I kind of want a multi-colored skirt liek the one “a pair and a spare” made but they had only red, white, and black in stock. No complaints. I’ll wear it next time we go out so you can see it firsthand.

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  4. This skirt looks so amazing. I can’t believe it is made from door matts!

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