Casual Look for Running Errands

So what does Jean of all Trades wear to run errands on the weekend? Here’s what I wore recently: A fun, comfortable jacket, soft, comfy leggings, and funky (okay, and comfortable too) boots.

denim trench

Coat: Thrifted at Labels
Scarf: Thrifted
Leggings: The Bay
Boots: Thrifted at Labels

It’s hard to wear this jacket. It’s a casual coat but I can’t pair it with jeans. That would be a denim overload! I usually wear it with skinny jeans in bold hues. Today I thought it would make a nice cover-up for the tights and T.


I’ve had these leggings since the 90s, when they were last fashionable. I was in college, and wore them with huge, oversize men’s shirts and 8-hole Dr Martens. Leggings were trendy in the 80s too, when I was in junior high. Back then I wore them with huge, oversize t-shirts and pointy flats.

I don’t have any tights from junior high, but I kept these ones from college because they’re warm and comfortable. Even when they weren’t “in style” I would wear them at home, to bed, or under jeans when it got cold outside.

If I’d known then how durable they would be, I’d have stocked up. From a cost-per-wear perspective, these have made me money!

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