Street Style: Day Hiking

Full disclosure: These aren’t really hiking outfits. My mom and dad didn’t pack any of the ten essentials, they aren’t wearing sturdy shoes, and they aren’t prepared for the elements. But they look cute. They happen to be at Flamingo Gardens on a paved path close to a snack bar. So everyone made it out alive.

mom and dad

There are two directions to take an outdoorsy look. My dad went for neutrals. He’s slightly camouflaged with the tans and khaki. I like the hat he chose. It’s practical and completes the look. Crocodile hunter meets Desert Storm.

My mom chose a different route. She stands out with tropical florals. Interestingly, she matches the flowers on the trees behind her. So in a way, she’s camouflaged too. I like how her purse is a flower too and mimics the yellow flowers in her top.

Normally my mom and dad are the photographers, which means they’re never in the same photo. This is a rare example of proof that they actually vacation together.


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5 responses to “Street Style: Day Hiking

  1. Your dad is always prepared with his Swiss army knife and credit card! I never leave home without my sunglasses and a cell phone! 😉

    Marvellous memories of our day at Flamingo Gardens!!

    • Ah – well then you ARE prepared! A Swiss army knife goes a long way. Sunglasses are a good idea too. Oma taught me to recite “keys and money” before leaving the house. With those two things I could get in and buy myself anything I forgot. These days I say “keys, money, phone.” Modern twist!

  2. I like the man in neutral paired with the colorful and print-embellished woman. Your folks are a cute couple.

  3. Oh yes! She taught me that, too! Of course, there were no cell phones back then, so I like your updated check list!

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