Gauchos and Mint Green

Guess what? I’m a guestblogger today on Lindsay Living. Have a look.

Here’s a thrifty outfit and one that incorporates a few items I haven’t yet worn. I’m almost finished wearing all of my clothes (I stuck to my New Year’s resolution–hooray!). I have a few summer pieces that will have to wait for nicer weather. I’ve bought a couple of things, but I’m more careful about what I buy and I really ask myself why I “need” certain pieces and how I’ll fit them into my wardrobe (literally and figuratively).


Blazer: Smart Set via thrifted
Top: Sofada
Gauchos: Swapped
Boots: Mia
Necklace: eBay
Earrings: Charlotte Ruche

I’ve worn this blazer a lot. I definitely got my money’s worth with this piece. Today I layered it over a loose-knit top that I picked up in the discount bin of the Sofada booth when I was at the Thread show last fall.

The gauchos were from a clothing exchange I attended in December. I really like their shape but they definitely need to be paired with heels. I’ll be wearing these pieces again.

gray and green


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2 responses to “Gauchos and Mint Green

  1. I just found your blog and I am enjoying it! I like your look here, the gauchos look wonderful with your boots.

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