Newsboy Cap for Casual Day

I wear hats a lot, especially when it’s cold out or I’m walking my dog. Rarely is it a fashion statement. Today, though, I decided to wear a tartan cap as part of my outfit, not as a way to stay warm or hide messy hair.

tartan cap

Cap: Fuego
Top: Ross Dress for Less
Jeans: Express
Boots: Wanted

blue and gray

I like this style of cap a lot better than baseball caps. In fact, I’ve never worn a baseball cap. It doesn’t seem to fit my style. For me, it would symbolize that I’d given up. When I do wear caps–even as a way to hide a bad hair day–I’m usually complimented on them.

My cap is blue and gray and my outfit is blue and gray so I added non-matching boots so I didn’t look like I spent too much time planning.

Do you wear hats? What kind and when?


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6 responses to “Newsboy Cap for Casual Day

  1. Hats are my favorite thing about winter. I usually wear a purple or teal knitted hat.

    In summer, I like to wear giant sunhats when I have to go to the beach or pool. They make me feel fancy.

  2. “Baseball cap … it would symbolize that I’d given up.” lol – well put, that’s how I feel about baseball caps, too, and bulky ski jackets and running shoes. Although, they are suitable for guys and women shopping at Walmart!

    You look great! I like Tam o’Shanters and newsboy caps in cool weather, and sun hats with big brims in the summer.

  3. SadieSewBaggins

    Super cute! I love those boots. (Yes I’m a hat person too. Every day of winter to stay warm and sometimes to hide hair 🙂

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