Hot Pink and Houndstooth

You know I love hot pink. And I love houndstooth. So it was only a matter of time before I paired this color and pattern combination together.

houndtooth coat

I got this little Valentino-style rosette purse from a flea market in Florida. I absolutely love it! I don’t usually go for frills but the way the pleather is ruffled to create a flower was so appealing.

hot pink top

I wore my houndstooth coat with black pants. The surprise element was the fuchsia dolman-sleeve top I wore under my jacket. The infinity scarf came with the coat! What a deal!

pink and black

Jacket: Macy’s
Top: JC Penney’s
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: Thrifted
Cuff: Greenbelts
Purse: Flea market

Whenever I wear this top, people say, “wow that’s bright.” I’m not sure it’s a compliment but it’s a sign I’m getting noticed! What do you wear that gets you noticed?


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2 responses to “Hot Pink and Houndstooth

  1. Love the hot pink purse – I have one in yellow!! 😉

  2. lol. I get that exact comment a lot! Take it as a compliment. I appreciate people brightening up Seattle! It gets so darn grey here it can be easy to forget what brightness looks like!!


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