Turquoise and Black Blazer Day

Monday is business day, so what better way to show my work spirit than to don a blazer? I last wore this skirt in the heat of summer–with bare legs and sandals. But it works with tights too.

turquoise and tights

Blazer: Laundry by Shelli Segal via thrifted
T-shirt: Victoria’s Secret
Skirt: Erin McLeod
Tights: Roots Canada
Shoes: Old Navy

This blazer is thrifted–and it’s seen better days. So I did a little DIY and fixed an errant hem. While I was at it, I embellished the edge with some freestyle sewing machinery.

embellished hem

I bought my sewing machine thinking that it would pay for itself if I hemmed just four pairs of pants. I’ve done that–and so much more! I’m a master of straight lines, but that still gives me lots of options.

business casual

Do you own a sewing machine? How do you use it? How did you learn?


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7 responses to “Turquoise and Black Blazer Day

  1. Love the blazer appeal, and your complete outfit.

  2. You look lovely in turquoise! Such a great outfit 😉

    I own a sewing machine but learned how to sew from my grandmother when I was 12, so I’m a little rusty. I’m good at doing simple fixes on thrifted items in my closet but would love to take a class to learn more! Great job on the blazer fix, i haven’t attempted that yet 🙂

    Fern & Dandy

    • Where would we be without our grandmas? It’s great to be able to sew – even if just for simple fixes. I agree that a class would help. I don’t know how to follow a pattern, so that’s limiting. Glad you like the freestyle work on my blazer 🙂

  3. Annie

    Love the black & blue combo! I don’t sew, but definitely wish I could 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

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