DIY Skirt Zipper

I got this skirt at a clothing exchange and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been keeping it up with a safety pin. It was a bit too large but I like the asymmetrical hemline.

neutral and green

Top: Swapped
Skirt: Swapped
Earrings: Amy Bengtson
Purse: Frye via thrifted
Shoes: Fry via swapped

I’ve been seeing a lot of “exposed” zippers in the stores lately (meaning the zippers aren’t hidden in seams but are part of a garment’s embellishments). With that idea in mind, I took in my skirt.

new zipper

First I cut a V of fabric out of the waist (a little pie-shaped wedge of fabric), then I sewed each half of the zipper to the new edges. When I zipped up the skirt, it was smaller. It fits nicely now. And since the skirt was free, it was a low-risk project. Yes, there was a chance I’d mess it up, but I was willing to try.



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4 responses to “DIY Skirt Zipper

  1. Hello from Seattle too! Love your outfits in here, and your haircut!!

  2. Those shoes are adorable!! and loving that skirt! Thanks for linking up!


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