Red Corduroy Kindle Case

Once upon a time there was a red corduroy blazer. Someone bought it, wore it (maybe), and gave it to Goodwill. I bought it at Goodwill, wore it (once), and cut it in half so I could make a Kindle case with it. I wore the half jacket once too (just for fun). Unfortunately it was in my pre-blogging days so there’s no photographic evidence. There is evidence of the Kindle case:

Kindle case

I posted the Kindle case on my Etsy shop recently (to replace another one I made out of a pant leg). Best of all, my friend, Lynn, took the remaining fabric (two sleeves) and made a wine tote out of one of them. Brilliant!

wine bag

The red blazer has had quite a journey–and it looks like it’s just beginning!

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