Run With It: Olive, Orange and Black

Sometimes I forget to dress according to season. I wear light pink in the fall, white in the winter, and earth tones in the spring. Case in point: this combo.

Orange, green, and black

T-shirt: Goodwill
Cardigan: Smart Set via gifted
Skirt: Newport News
Boots: G by Guess

I don’t mind though. I was in the mood to wear this green t-shirt. It has a sneaker logo on it. So unique! I found it in Goodwill when I was in Pittsburgh in 2010. I know it seems weird to travel across the country and visit thrift stores, but I thought I might find something different–and I was right!

sneaker logo

Of course I didn’t travel to PA only for the thrifting, but I did manage to make it part of my trip. My motto: Never walk by when you could walk inside.

fall colors

Can you pass a thrift store or do you give in to temptation?

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One response to “Run With It: Olive, Orange and Black

  1. I love the top!! One-of-a-kind – I’m sure the company made more but I have never seen one like it. You always manage to find such unique and fashionable clothes in thrift shops.

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