Red Ruffle Skirt Accessorized with Calico

A few months ago I blogged about a similar outfit. I have this skirt in black and this blazer in purple. I vowed to show off the red and black version and this week seems fitting.

red ruffles

As you probably know, it’s Red and Black week, courtesy of Victoria Kitty at Sophistiqué Noir.

Red and Black Week

My silly cat, Alice, kept photo bombing my pictures. She’s blind, and was drawn to the sound of my footsteps. Every time I set the camera, she’d walk over to it. Then I walked to my spot, and she followed me into the shot.

velvet blazer

I can’t get mad at such a sweet cat, so I made her my accessory. She’s a real heartbreaker. She’s four years old and weighs almost five pounds. She’s been blind from birth and it doesn’t seem to bother her. Thanks to Alice, I tidy up more. A purse on the floor or pair of shoes where they don’t belong is a real tripping hazard. She has the furniture layout memorized at least.

calico cat accessory

Blazer: Doki-Geki
Tank: Express
Skirt: Broadway Boutique
Boots: Mia
Necklace: DIY


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18 responses to “Red Ruffle Skirt Accessorized with Calico

  1. Gorgeous skirt & cute kitty too!

  2. Beautiful skirt! Something like that would definitely find it’s way to my closet. Your cat is amazing, wonder how she do to orientate herself.

    • Thanks! It’s really comfortable (stretchy). Poor Alice smacked into the walls a few times when I first got her (and still bumps into me) but amazingly, she can run down the hallway now and she turns exactly where the kitchen door is. I think she counts her steps!

  3. Lovely skirt. It’s all flowy and flouncy.

    Such a cute kitty. You’re wonderful to give her such a nice home.

    • Thank you 🙂 I need to remember to wear this more often. At least it waits for me patiently in between wears. It’s sort of timeless so I’ll have it for years to come.

      Alice is a cutie. I was worried at first but she fits in so well.

  4. That’s my favorite accessory! You’re a good mom to a kitty in need. Our Perseus is deaf in one ear due to his extensive ear polyps as a baby, but thankfully the other ear canal was spared. He still has a tough time figuring out where sounds are coming from! I would think blind is much worse than deaf. But kitties are troopers… Unlike us humans, they don’t complain. 🙂

    Your skirt is the envy of a LOT of Goth ladies today, I can tell you!!! ;-D

    • Thanks! Who knew a low-end fashion store (not really a “boutique” in that sense) would have such neat things?

      I didn’t know Perseus is deaf in one ear. That would make it hard to tell where sounds are coming from. When Alice had an ear infection once, she walked in circles 😦 So sad.

  5. Love the skirt. It looks amazing with the jacket. I wouldn’t have thought of putting them together.

  6. Love everything about this outfit – blazer, flounced skirt, awesome necklace… and especially the boots. Fabulous! 🙂

  7. Wow what a nice skirt 😀 ruffles ❤
    And your cat is incredible cute!

  8. Ooooh, I love that skirt, and it goes so well with the jacket (and the kitty).

  9. I loooove that skirt!!! I will buy it if you ever want to sell it. Your hair looks great!

    Alice is so sweet!! The first pic of the two of you is perfect!! Great pose, Alice!!

    • No problem! I’ll save it for you – I remember you having a similar one that you bought in Germany…

      I added blonde underneath my bangs – for summer 🙂 Isn’t Alice sweet? Glad you like the pictures.

  10. I really love the skirt at the top. I like how the garment is free flowing the looks very fresh and cool to wear.

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