Red and Black Retrospective

All week I’ve showcased red and black outfits as part of Red and Black Week. A big thanks goes to Victorian Kitty for organizing the event and creating a great community of like-minded bloggers.

Red and Black Week

You’ve seen six different red and black looks from me this week so today I thought I’d show you the other times this past year when I wore red and black. Not because of a challenge–just because it’s a cool color combo.

red and black collage

And since I mentioned Grave Danger earlier this week, here’s me back in the day, in red and black, and kicking ass.


derby queen


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11 responses to “Red and Black Retrospective

  1. Lovin’ the blog. So lovely to meet you in person the other night. Looking forward to seeing more outfit posts a follow up on the incredible coffee maker. Christine xx

  2. Great mix of outfits. I’m a fan of red & black too — it’s a striking combo that shows up in my wardrobe often.

  3. Love this post and pics – especially the bad-ass roller girl shots.

  4. Once a rollergirl, always a roller girl!
    Nice to meet someone else who’s into derby 😀

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