Fashion Imitates Nature

Have you ever noticed that no matter what color combinations animals are, they always look good? The yellow and gold macaw stands out in complementary colors. The black and orange tiger looks elegant in those hues. The little clown fish is delightful in its Nemo-esque way.

snakey dress

Tank: Wet Seal
Dress: Damselfly
Belt: Swapped
Shoes: Flexx
Sunglasses: Street Vendor in Florida
Make-up bag as clutch: DVF

I wore an odd color combination too, as an homage to the wild kingdom. And as luck would have it, on this very day, I met a man with several snakes. When you go to Pike Place Market, be prepared for anything! He let me hold one of them, and as hubby snapped shots, I noticed that the colors of the snake were similar to my outfit. She was beautiful, with her greens, yellows, and grays.

snake collage

The only time you’ll see me wearing real snakeskin is when it’s attached to a living, breathing snake! “Do you like my boa?” takes on a whole new meaning now. (This wasn’t a boa, though. Possibly a python. Any ideas?)

I’m going to take my cues from nature and color block like they do in the animal kingdom. What animals do you think have the best colors to imitate?


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6 responses to “Fashion Imitates Nature

  1. drummerdoug

    I remember you holding your first snake when you were 18 months old. You held it very gingerly. It was a kingsnake and you were totally intrigued. The one you are holding in the pictures appears to be a python. One of the differences being that pythons lay eggs and most boas give live birth.

    • Thanks Dad! I knew I could count on you to inform me about the snake. I never was afraid of them because you taught me otherwise. How rare for a reptile to have a live birth. Cool!

  2. I love that dress. Very funky. I like how you livened it up with the splashes of bright colour.

  3. It’s kind of cool as well that the pieces you are wearing are Damselfly and Wet Seal. I think the dress looks more like a wet seal than the top, but does it matter? You look fabulous!

  4. Dave G

    sooo awesome… Snakes are very cool..spiders, not so much 🙂

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