Sweater in Summer

I’m waiting for summer weather to arrive in Seattle. It’s hit or miss until July, so the fall, winter, spring wardrobe I have gets lots of use. I guarantee this photo isn’t from the vaults. You can see the gorgeous flowers blooming so you know it’s not autumn.

summer sweater

Sweater: Thrifted
Leggings: Kensie
Boots: Mia

Instead of waiting for summer, I added a bit of blonde to my hair. There’s not enough sun around to lighten my hair, so I got a bit of help from a bottle. Do you do anything to get “summer hair”?


Filed under Fashion, Thrifty

4 responses to “Sweater in Summer

  1. I hope summer is there now…it sure is over here on the east coast! I don’t do anything for summer hair, though I do hit the bottle to keep my hair the same color all year round!

  2. Love the leggings and boots. Very edgy. And the blonde is fun!

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