Saying Goodbye to my Red Jeans

Here I go with my red jeans again. It’s funny: In university, I briefly dated a guy who wore red jeans all the time. At first I thought they were cool pants but they were in such heavy rotation, it got kinda old. I’m afraid I’m doing the same thing.

red jeans with a blue coat

Jacket: Thrifted
Top: Forgotten
Jeans: Just USA
Booties: Old Navy
Watch: Street vendor in Florida

So, I promise you that this is the last you’ll see of my red jeans until fall. I’ll give them–and you–a break. However, in this last shot, I’m looking at my watch thinking, “how long until I can wear these again?”

black and white and red all over


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14 responses to “Saying Goodbye to my Red Jeans

  1. I love those! What a great pair of jeans!

  2. You should wear them as much as you want if they make you happy!

  3. Carmen Coburn

    Why can people wear blue jeans umpteen times a year (some people wear them *all* the time, like your university friend wore red jeans). As long as you don’t wear them *every* day, red jeans are a great look. Your denim jacket goes well with them and wouldn’t look as good with blue jeans.

    • Good point – why can we wear blue jeans all the time and it’s okay? And yeah, the red is a nice change. Can you imagine blue jeans and a blue denim trench? Ha! Not a good thought.

  4. I love my red jeans!
    It’s surprising how versatile they are and sometimes they are just the perfect thing. Are you sure you can make it that long without wearing them?!

    • I was suprised to find myself gravitating to them so much. They’re truly a neutral. Perhaps I’ll wear them but skip the outfit posts with them. Or I’ll do a retrospective collage post of all the ways I’ve styled them 🙂

      • That would be fun. “Red jeans – 101 ways”! or “Red Jeans – Let me Count the Ways”. Now I am becoming obsessed thinking of how I might wear mine for work tomorrow…hmmm

  5. But doesn’t red just feel so right!

  6. @beingzhenya, I added the brand to the post. I bought them new at Red Light Vintage but they’re by Just USA.

  7. Those red jeans are HOT! Keep ’em in rotation!

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