Seen in the Office: Blazer and skirt

Remember how I said I love blazers? Here’s another reason why: My colleague Suchitra threw on a blazer and added instant polish to her blouse and skirt combo.

blazer and skirt

If your office doesn’t allow short sleeves or requires a shirt with a collar, a blazer is a great way to meet that requirement and get more mileage out of other tops you might not otherwise wear to work. I like how Suchi has on a corduroy blazer–something you can wear dressed up or down. The metallic shoes are fantastic–just switch to a pump if your dress code requires closed toed shoes or pantyhose. Even with a sheer toes, pantyhose shouldn’t be worn with sandals.

If your office requires you to wear western-style clothing–like Suchitra’s friend’s does–you don’t have to completely give up your heritage. Earrings and scarves are a great way to add your personal touches. Luckily Suchi can wear anything she wants and sometimes wears a traditional Indian tunic-style top and pants (salwar kameez) to the office.


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2 responses to “Seen in the Office: Blazer and skirt

  1. Jaclyn Reynolds

    Really pretty outfit!

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