Visiting the Twin Peaks Diner

Hubby and I recently visited Twede’s Café in North Bend, WA. It’s better known as the fictitious Double R Diner from Twin Peaks. Coincidentally, this weekend is the Twin Peaks Fest, so I thought writing about my experience was timely.

On the way out of Bellevue, the sun shone beautifully. I’d normally be happy about that but the setting wasn’t right. If I was going to Twin Peaks (aka North Bend), I needed moodiness. Luckily, as we ascended into the Cascade foothills, the clouds loomed ominously. Perfect! I turned on the Twin Peaks soundtrack and listened to Angelo Badalamenti’s compositions, Julee Cruise’s haunting vocals, and off we went.

north bend collage

We found the café, where in the TV series, Cooper and Dale often went for a “damn fine cup of coffee.” Of course I ordered coffee, black (which I later remembered I don’t like), and a slice of cherry pie (which I have to admit was pretty fine).

cherry pie

When I think of Twin Peaks, I think of lodges and owls and one-armed men. Clothing-wise, I thought my Bambi skirt from The Frock Shop was a good choice.

Bambi skirt

Top: H&M
Cardi: Old Navy
Skirt: Kimmi Designs
Shoes: Flexx
Purse: Thrifted
Ring: Gifted

Bambi Collage

I was a huge Twin Peaks fan and watched the show religiously. I’ve been a fan of David Lynch and his work ever since I saw Blue Velvet as a teenager. Do you have favorite David Lynch movie?

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