Teal, Stripes and Red Wedges

I’m wearing my teal, high-waisted flares again, but I won’t dare show off the high waist! They’re comfy, but I don’t think it’s an easy look to pull off. Jessica Simpson got in trouble for it, and I would too.

teal flares

T-shirt: Old Navy
Pants: BDG via thrifted
Shoes: Chelsea Crew

So I covered the waist with a striped t-shirt in a complementary, yet unexpected color and added a pop of red.

red shoes

It’s hard to see my red wedges. I’d been looking for a pair of red sandals for a long time when an Ideeli ad showed up in my inbox. These are so comfortable and fun, but sadly they’re not holding up. The cork is bunching and coming loose and the insoles already fell out. I guess they’d be fine for just a summer, but I don’t like to throw things away. Ethically, it’s better to make smart purchases and keep things longer.

shoe detail

To extend the life of these shoes, when the cork is kaput, I’ll peel it off, paint the wedges with glue, and add glitter. When that DIY happens, I’ll be sure to blog about it.


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6 responses to “Teal, Stripes and Red Wedges

  1. You look like such a hottie in these flares! Jessica Simpson WISHES she had your figure!

  2. Jean, those flares make your legs look a million miles long!!! Love the color combo. I will be looking forward to the shoe make-over tutorial! ~Sarah

  3. Super cute combo! I love the red and teal together. Especially with the stripes. I’m giddy for stripes this fall. 🙂

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