The Crew at Work

I was on my way to eat with my lunch buddies and I saw a few neat things in their sartorial choices so I snapped a picture of them.

work crew

Tatsuo has on a crisp navy and white plaid shirt, dark-wash denim, and matching Adidas. He swears the shoes are black and white but I say they match the top perfectly. I like the light, airiness of the plaid. It’s a very summery check. Not too dark or heavy and not too complicated with too many colors.

Peter always has a polished, casual look. He has on a short-sleeved, slate-gray shirt and cotton twill pants of the workman variety. That, combined with his sturdy black shoes, gives the look a British vibe. I bet he was listening to The Clash before lunch.

Karianna went bold with a bright, light green asymmetrical top and magenta pants–straight from the Nordstrom semi-annual sale. Her sandals show off her pedicure and keep things seasonal. We work in a casual environment and she’s proof that casual doesn’t have to be boring.

Tom was happy to have worn more shoes than me on this particular week. Three days into the workweek and he was on his third pair of shoes. I, on the other hand, had on the same pair for three days straight. In my defense, it was moving week and the rest of my shoes were in boxes. A Carhartt T and jeans is a perfectly respectable go-to look, but Tom added a pop of color with the purple Nike’s. That kind of unexpected twist on a classic keeps things fresh. Purple is practically a neutral. If you wear navy, gray and brown, you can wear purple. Tom’s proof of that.

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