Back to School Look

I haven’t had to worry about going back to school for a long time but I did start a new job a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve dealt with a lot of similar concerns: first-day jitters, what to wear, decorating my locker office, finding my way through a new building. So when I found out Everybody, Everywear had a back to school challenge, I accepted.

back to school

Sweater: Store in Vancouver
Shorts: Salt Works via swapped
Shoes: Kelly and Katie
Bag: Furla via gifted
Bracelets: Lucca
Necklace: Falling Whistle

This outfit isn’t prep-school crisp, nor does it incorporate plaid, a pleated skirt, or uniform of any kind. But it is more fall-like than most things I’ve been wearing lately. I’ll break it down.

back to school outfit

A sweater is quintessentially fall. In burgundy (or, as they’re calling it this season, oxblood), it’s autumnal for sure. Yes I have on shorts–a staple of summer–but in the longer length and denim fabric, I feel more British schoolboy than Daisy Duke.

My shoes are what really remind me of the school uniform season. A low, buckled flat (and in this season’s color).


The necklace is a Falling Whistle. Not a back to school item by any means. It’s part of a campaign for peace in the Congo (and the opposite of a child soldier is a child in school–so I thought it worked). Jamillah from Made to Travel wrote about them and I bought one.

outfit details with whistle

Summer didn’t start in Seattle until mid-July so I’m not ready to switch gears and dress for fall. As long as the weather allows it, I’ll be bare-legged and coatless. I do need a back to school haircut. I’ve been trimming and coloring my own hair since December in an attempt to grow it out and see if I can go a year with out a salon visit.

Are you going back to school? Ready for fall or hanging onto the last of summer?


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11 responses to “Back to School Look

  1. YOU completely made my evening. You know made-to-travel has always been written for beautiful people like you; people with big hearts, real lives, style, and the belief that one small act can make the world a little better. Thank you so much for reading, Jean.

    The Falling Whistle looks great on you! I love the finish you picked it totally suits your “back to school” (but not really) outfit. You’re totally right the first day at a new job is tooootaly similar to first day of school. So congrats on the new job! And thanks for making my night :).

    • Aw, I’m so glad! I love your blog and how you manage to incorporate fun fashion with important issues. Its a great balance and an excellent example of an ethical style blog.

      I love the whistle and I’ve already been able to tell people about it – you’re right, they ask!

  2. I am LOVING those shoes! This oxblood color trend is so beautiful, but I am choosing to call the hue “merlot”… for obvious reasons (wine is better than animal fluids). Confession: I had a school girl post for EBEW, but it turned out horribly. Like, embarrassingly bad. My skirt got really wrinkled, and the lighting was bad. So I recycled Monday’s post. Ah, the trials of a style blogger… 😉

    Great look, Jean! ~Sarah

    • Merlot is a much better name! Delicious, not gross.

      I saw your post for EBEW – I thought that’s what you planned and couldn’t tell it was recycled. It’s good to see on “film” what out outfits are doing, isn’t it? The back to school look might not have worked, but now you know! I’ve caught see-through skirts, ill-fitting tops, and a host of other things that a mirror doesn’t reveal. And yeah, lighting is key! it’s hard to find good lighting and sadly our days are geting shorter!

      Thanks for reminding me to participate. I kept missing the dates but I’m back on track now!

  3. Cute blog! I love your colorful sense of style.

  4. Total shoe & sweater envy! Classic and trendy at the same time!

  5. I have that same necklace! I love it! Your shoes are cool, too. Perfect for a sunny September.

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