Bloggers Do It Better: Oxblood

I’m participating in another group challenge. This one is Bloggers Do It Better by Pretty Shiny Sparkly and the theme is oxblood. Now when I recently posted my shoes of that color, Sarah Hulbert of Sarah Hulbert Style called them merlot in her comment. I like that idea much better! My first pair of Dr Martens were called oxblood–the name’s been around a while, and the color is in again is in–but calling it wine sounds much better.

merlot scarf

Today I wore just a touch of merlot, but I was surrounded by gorgeous shades of burgundy, bordeaux, and wine. I was at Portalis, a wine shop in Ballard, WA, tasting wines and learning about a wine-themed novel called Killer Cuvée.

scarf and jeans

Scarf: Cost Plus World Market via swapped (thanks Kristen!)
Sweater: Suzy Shier
Jeans: Me too (from the Frock Shop)
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Purse: JC Penney
Arm candy: Various shops

I chatted Steve Wells, the author of the book, bought a copy, and selected a couple of nice Washington wines too.

wines on the shelf

Just before leaving the shop, hubby and I looked up and saw the most interesting skylight: It was made of wine bottles. Love the colors! This is one glass ceiling I’d be happy to have!

Wine bottle skylight


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14 responses to “Bloggers Do It Better: Oxblood

  1. Great minds think alike, Jean! I am posting for Bloggers do it Better as well and I HAD to come up with a whole list of better names for it than “oxblood”. Lovely color, but yucky name. Love this scarf! Hope your exchange was fun, sorry I had to miss it, but I’m enjoying my trip. Enjoy your wine, Jean!!! ~Sarah

    • I can’t wait to see your post and see the list of non-gross names you came up with 🙂 And your outfit, which will be amazing!

      The exchange was a lot of fun – 15 people were here and we had loads of clothes! Everyone got something and Goodwill got a whiole bunch of things too! Win win. Hope to see you at the next one!

  2. PS Thank you for the shout out! You’re so sweet!!! ~S

  3. that skylight is amazing – I need to show my mom since I know she would love it!

  4. fashionconfessionsofamommy

    Lovely scarf.
    Visiting from BDIB.

  5. Love that scarf and you couldn’t have found a better backdrop!

  6. Is that where they got the name from? By the way, I bought my first pair of Doc Marten’s during my freshmen year of college. I am embarrassed to say how long they lasted. Great, comfy and long lasting shoe though. I think a merlot (one girl on my blog called it chianti) scarf is a great way of wearing this color. I actually loved the fact that you used the scarf to add color to your outfit. One love Natasha

    • I got my first pair then too! It was the early 90s 😉 I checked on the Doc Marten’s site and they have cherry oxfords and other styles that are darker called oxblood. Not sure if that’s where it started though.

      Glad you like the scarf!

  7. Hi Jean,
    Liked your blog. I remember talking to you at Portalis. Hope you like the book.. I’m off to Walla Walla tomorrow for several books signings there.

    • Hi Steve! Thanks for commenting. It was great to meet you at Portalis. I do like the book! It’s a great combination of interesting things. I’ll give you more details when I finish it 🙂 I hope Walla Walla is fun and the tip is a hit! I showed your book to my book club so I hope you’ll have even more readers soon.

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