Anjolee Diamond Hoop Earrings

Today I have a special review. I’m taking a pair of beautiful, diamond hoop earrings by Anjolee on a test drive. They are gorgeous–and make me feel like a star!

Jean wearing Anjolee Earrings

Each item at Anjolee is custom-made. That means you can select your metal, shape, size, and the quality of the stones. Anjolee is a U.S. company that employs over 100 people in San Diego. They’re committed to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility. All of which are values I can get behind.

And did I tell you that I feel like a star?

close-up of earrings

I chose the Must-Have Diamond Hoop Earrings because I was looking to try something that I could wear every day and for special occasions. Anjolee has a lot of necklaces and pendants available too, especially diamond pendant necklaces. But I also like their bracelets. There’s something so timeless about a diamond tennis bracelet.

tennis bracelet

I asked the people at Anjolee a few questions about their company and products. Here’s the interview:

Jean: Anjolee custom-makes all its pieces. What does that mean for customers?

Anjolee: We offer the ability to custom build all jewelry designs by metal type (gold or platinum), diamond quality, carat size and length. Our easy to use customization feature allows customers to purchase exactly what they want rather than settling for a stock item in a retail store. Our customers have raved about the ability to modify these components! Our customer feedback section is full of real testimonials discussing this point.

Jean: Diamonds are an investment and can cost a lot. Is there a good entry-point for the first-time diamond buyer?

Anjolee: The best advice we can offer is to do your research on the four c’s of diamond buying. For smaller carat size stones, it is recommended to focus on a good cut, color, and symmetry. For larger sized diamonds, imperfections have a better chance of being visible to the unaided eye, so you will want to look for good clarity ratings in addition to other four c’s.

Jean: The holidays are coming. What items are the most popular gifts? On that note, what holiday is the biggest jewelry-giving holiday?

Anjolee: Holidays are a popular time to give the gift of jewelry. Christmas, Valentine’s and Anniversaries are the three biggest occasions for gift giving. One trend we noticed is choosing an anniversary ring with the exact amount of stones for that anniversary year. For example, if it is your tenth anniversary, choosing a beautiful diamond anniversary ring with exactly ten stones is a great sentiment. For Christmas and Valentines Day, we sell a lot of our diamond and gemstone pendants as well as classic diamond tennis bracelets.

Jean: A lot of my readers are women. Do women buy their husbands and boyfriends jewelry too? What pieces are popular for the guys?

Anjolee: Women definitely buy jewelry for their companion. We carry many men’s bracelets that are heavier in design and can be crafted in gold or platinum. Some men wear this as a statement piece on the opposite wrist as their watch.

Jean: What trends do you see in wedding sets and bridal jewelry?

Anjolee: Right now, the biggest trend we are seeing with bridal sets and jewelry is the new halo design. A halo design typically features a center diamond surrounded by many smaller diamonds creating a halo effect. This modern design intensifies the diamond sparkle. A halo ring can make the center diamond appear larger, since it is accented by many smaller stones.


Even if you’re not planning to buy yourself any jewelry, the holidays are just around the corner. Now’s the time to start hinting! And if you’re hoping to get engaged, leave this post open on your PC. Anjolee has beautiful engagement rings too!

Anjolee is even offering a discount for readers! Use the coupon code MP591 for an extra 5% off your order.

Anjolee hoop earrings

Keep an eye out for these earrings in future blog posts: I’ll be showing how I style them. Of course they’ll look classic and timeless with dressy attire, but I’m going to wear them with casual outfits too. There’s nothing like fine jewelry to take jeans and a t-shirt to a new level–it adds an element of luxe that nothing else can.


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6 responses to “Anjolee Diamond Hoop Earrings

  1. Stunning photo of you and the earrings are so elegant – ones you can wear with a little black dress to a fancy party or to the office.

  2. Nice blog!! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? 🙂

    Malin @ .

  3. Very pretty! Especially great that they’re into ethical sourcing!

    • Me too! That was important for me. When I read about the environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing, I was very happy. The products I review have to be in line with what I believe in. Fortunately, Anjolee is.

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