Solaire Chairs for my Front Entry

When I bought my house, I thought of all the wonderful Mid-Century things I could do to it. The place was built in 1961 and is begging for a retro remodel.

One of my first projects was sprucing up the front (if you look back, the area to the left of the entry was soil, with a topiary-style tree and a yellow bush). I remembered an amazing style of chair from my childhood. I didn’t know the name of the chair, but several web searches later, I found out: The Solaire.

Solaire chair

Two Solaire chairs now sit in my front entry. As luck would have it, one of the few places in the country where I found the chairs was right here in Seattle!

two Solaire Chairs

I transplanted the tree and bush to the backyard, covered the soil with weed-inhibiting fabric from the garden store, and laid down a layer of pebbles. Now I have two sunny pops of color by my front door and a place for friends to sit. The backyard is quieter and more private, but it’s nice to people watch and catch the evening sun from the front.

orange and yellow Solaire chairs

I like the story behind the chair. The Solaire was designed in 1972 by Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini. It’s a terrific representation of a clean, modern design. They were popular poolside in backyards and motels across Canada and the USA. I’m proud to have a piece of Canadian design history. And in case anyone else wants them, I chained them down! But if you’re in Seattle, you can buy them at Click! Design That Fits.


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6 responses to “Solaire Chairs for my Front Entry

  1. Commented before, but I don’t know what happened to it: “Those are just deliciously colored! What an inviting burst of color at your entry. I blogged a couple weeks ago about the importance of the look of the entry of your home and this is just so welcoming and cheerful. Love all the background on the chair, as a decorator, I eat that stuff up!!! ~Sarah

    P.S. I like the cutie peeking out the window. :)”

    • Aren’t the colors great! Juicy 🙂 Next up: Painting the front door a vivid color! I’m going to go back to your blog and look for the post you wrote about entries. I missed that one!

      Margo in the window was pretty cute. She’s so curious and was wondering what I was up to.

  2. Your chairs look fantastic!! We had two chairs like these but in wicker back in the mid-century. They were made in the 60’s (wish I still had them!). They even made velvet covers for them to look more … um … velvety. Mine were purple crushed velvet with gold fringes – lol. Of course, plastic is better for outdoors and they look funky in bright colours.

    • Love the wicker! The ones you sent a link to are probably cost more now than when they were new. Good investment! Purple crushed velvet with gold fringes sounds amazing! Definitely not good for the weather around here, but great for a covered sunroom.

  3. I’ll paint your front door when we get there. 🙂

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