Changing it up with Legwear

This month’s theme at Sophistique Noir is hosiery. Sign me up! I love all types of legwear: fishnets, tights, over-the-knee socks, you name it. Legwear has the ability to transform an outfit and I want to show you a few ways I do that with my collection of hosiery.

Today, I’m wearing a neutral outfit–a black top and skirt–so I can show how simply changing hosiery (and shoes) changes the look.

First I started with gold-tone fishnets. From a distance it almost looks like I’m not wearing hosiery, but up close, you can see the neat texture. Way cooler than beige pantyhose and more sophisticated than bare legs. I think this look has a retro vibe.

black and nude

Top, skirt, and bangles: Swapped
Necklace: Gifted
Tights: Marshall’s
Shoes: JC Penney

I bought these shoes as a “blank canvas.” Almost to be forgotten and blend in. Nude shoes elongate the leg, as does matching your shoes to your hose. Either will make you look taller, and I for one, am not opposed to that!

nude shoes and gold fishnets

Next, I went for fun. I kept the outfit the same but added purple and black striped thigh-highs. They’re warmer and more casual than the fishnets and create a totally different look.

black and purple

striped tights

Shoes: Aerosoles
Tights: Leg Avenue

Finally, I swapped out the stripes for sweater tights. They’re an open-weave crochet-style. Black is always chic and these are great for fall. I love fishnets too, but they can be chilly in Seattle winters.

head to toe black

Tights: Marshall’s
Shoes: Sell Your Sole

The cherry on the top (or bottom, as the case is) of this outfit are my amazing consignment find: Louboutin booties. I would have never bought these new (they retail for $995) but I got them for much less at Sell Your Sole, an upscale consignment boutique in Seattle.

tights and booties

Louboutin booties

Do you like tights and legwear? How do you use them to change your look?


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30 responses to “Changing it up with Legwear

  1. Nice! I really like the purple and black striped ones, I often use that sort of leggings to add some color into my all black outfits! ^^

  2. Lovely changes 😀 I love tights for the same reason. one outfit, many different looks just by changing tights 😀

  3. I’m in love with those purple and black tights! 🙂 They’re just perfect!

  4. I do like tights – and leggings – but haven’t been very adventurous. Yet. I’m going to look for some in a mustard color, or a black pattern like yours. By the way, you look great in the black tights and booties!

  5. I never thought I’d be a fan of gold fishnets and nude-coloured shoes, but they look just amazing on you! Very elegant! 🙂

  6. I love wearing tights to change an outfit. I found a great store online, Peek Brooklyn, that has very unique styles. My favourite look here is the stripes!

  7. Yes! Legwear can drastically change up the look of an outfit and I love to experiment. I love how easily you can go from subtle to bold. The last pair with the herringbone pattern is darling!!! ~Sarah

  8. So many nice hosieries! I love those gold tone fishnets! And with the nude shoes, wow, your legs looks long! What a clever trick!

  9. What a cool way to show the impact of small changes like hosery and shoes, very good ideas for me.

  10. Yes I love tights! I often wear brightly coloured tights but my favourite look is floral tights, some times with a floral dress. I love all your outfits and the tights.

  11. Wow! You totally went from elegant to whimsical to edgy with just the hosiery/shoe change. What a fabulous demonstration!! I’m seriously loving your gold fishnets. I’ve been a huge fan of flesh-tone fishnets for years because of their extremely subtle sexiness. Your gold pair achieves the same vibe but in more of an evening way. Total love! And SCORE on those booties!!

    • Thank you! I liked mixing it up and even suprised myself with how different each outfit looked withthe change of hosiery. Flesh-tone (and gold-tone) fishnets are definitely a subtle sexy look. I love them and need to wear them more often. Oh yeah, I’m in awe of the booties. They’re wearable art! Lucky day!

  12. I’m envious of your Louboutin booties! I gotta get back to SYS ASAP!

  13. I love this outfit, with asymmetric cut blouse and stockings diverse. Not that I like better.

  14. All these looks are fabulous but my favorite are the black open knit stockings!! Where can I get a pair?

    • Marshall’s is like Winners (or Ross Dress for Less and TJ Maxx). You never know what you’ll find, but you’ll get it at a good price. I suspect these are Betsey Johnson tights. Have a look next time you’re at Winners. Hue makes nice ones too. I bet you’ll find something.

  15. marthaflatley

    I love the striped stockings! I want to try that. I love how it kind of looks like a witch.

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