Neon with Black and White

I picked up this neat top in Vancouver this past spring but it hadn’t made it onto my blog until now. I like the mesh and color blocking and the 80s vibe I get from it. I also like that it’s from a store we don’t have in the USA so the chances of someone else wearing the same top is slim to nil.

It’s a great piece for Visible Monday–check out all the other posts at Not Dead Yet!

neon pants

Top: Bedo
Pants: The Gap
Cuff: Consignment
Bag: Sue Huston
Shoes: Kelly & Katie

Since it has an 80s feel, I paired the top with my neon yellow boyfriend jeans. But that wasn’t enough. I added a bright pink purse too. I love pops of color and even though black is classic and elegant, it’s hard for me to leave the house without a bit of bright.

black and white and neon

This works best with a strapless bra because of the sheer shoulders. However, I think a colorful, intentionally visible bra strap might work. I’m still of the mindset that bras shouldn’t show. That’s why I have strapless, racerback, and other types of bras to choose from. However, the bra as fashion statement is popular. I’m okay with that unless it looks sloppy. I like a clean-looking tank top, for example, without straps hanging out. Is that old-fashioned?


Speaking of bras, I’ve heard that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size. I recently went to Nordstrom for a professional fitting, expecting to be one of the 20%. In fact, I was convinced the clerk would congratulate me on my ability to correctly fit myself. Boy was I wrong! I was not wearing the right size bra. She helped me get into one that fit. And of course, I bought six. They feel great and wearing the right size really makes a difference in terms of comfort, posture, and the way my clothes look.


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8 responses to “Neon with Black and White

  1. I like your look and the way the colors pop, but don’t clash. And I’ve kind of come around to thinking that bra straps showing is okay, but I used to hate it. With your outfit, a pink bra that matches your purse would be cool!

    I just read about Coobie bras – have you heard of them?

  2. You look great! I got fitted at Nordstrom a few years ago and was totally surprised by my actual size. My bras now fit so much better and I feel so supported!

  3. Love your colorful plus black-and-white look, Jean! I am pretty old, and still have never done the bra fitting thing . . . maybe I should do it now or never : > Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  4. I love how you add pops of colour!

    Thanks for the advice on proper bra size – now that I’m in Seattle, I’ll go to Nordstrom and find out my bra size. This could get costly if I need to replace all my bras!

  5. Elegant tats and shirt to enhance them … really beautiful.

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