Leopard and Denim

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Look what I found in the vaults: A couple of photos that never made it into my blog. You can tell this isn’t current because a) the rhododendrons are blooming and b) my hair is a bit shorter. That means that my hair is actually growing! I’m trying to grow it but it’s a slow process.

leopard and denim

Shirt: Old Navy
Tank: Target
Jeans: Earnest Sewn
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Bag: SNAP Design
Earrings: Amy Bengston

I wore this sheer leopard shirt over a tank and paired it with skinny jeans and booties. I wanted casual, not sexy. And a sheer, animal print top can easily veer into sexy if you’re not careful. Not that there’s anything wrong with sexy. But if memory serves me correctly, I wore this on a Saturday for running errands. I was going for casual and fun.

yellow and red with leopard

Even though this picture is a few months old, it’s a current look. I wore it in spring, and I’ll wear this shirt in fall too. In fact, I keep most of my clothes for a long time and they make appearances season after season.

Does your wardrobe have a high turnover or do you keep pieces year after year?


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6 responses to “Leopard and Denim

  1. The pictures may not be current but your style is current. Those animal patterns are timeless. Love the leopard print with jeans!

  2. Girl, you know I love me some leopard! And that blouse is yummy!!! You’re right, this outfit is totally transitional to fall. Too bad the rhodies can’t transition too! 😉 ~Sarah P.S. Love the yellow bag!

    • I would love to see rhodies all winter long. Until spring though, I have my bright bag and colorful outfits. The shirt was a must-have. Not traditional Old Navy style, which is why I found on the clearance rack, I suspect.

  3. Love the leopard shirt and the yellow bag.

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