Glazed Denim and Velvet

I’ve been digging the glazed denim that’s hit the stores recently. And when I saw these at Zara in Vancouver, I snagged them. Glazed denim looks almost leather and is a great vegan alternative. It’s more affordable than leather too. Plus it stretches and is machine washable. And an added bonus: chocolate wipes off it in a snap (don’t ask).

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Blazer: Doki-Geki
Shirt: Loving Eco
Glazed jeans: Zara
Shoes: Old Navy
Purse: Crystalyn Kae
Rubber bangles: eBay

Coincidentally, my purse is made of glazed fabric too. It has a leathery sheen, but it isn’t (making this 100% vegan outfit!).

I wore my new glazed denim skinnies with an old velvet blazer and an asymmetrical striped shirt I bought last winter. Have you heard of glazed denim? Do you have/want some?


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2 responses to “Glazed Denim and Velvet

  1. Beautiful plum colored blazer. I really like that with the jeans. I’ve never seen or heard of glazed jeans. They look great.

  2. Funny, I was just looking at a pair online. It looks great on you, especially with your velvet jacket!

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