My eShakti Custom Top

I’m so glad to have had the chance to product test an item from eShakti. All of the eShakti line is customizable and cut when ordered, which means this top was made just for me.

top and shawl

Top: c/o eShakti
Pants: Just USA
Shoes: Seychelles
Scarf: NYC street vendor
Cuff: Greenbelts
Earrings: Cost Plus World Market

Their line of women’s clothing includes tops and dresses, skirts, jackets and coats–and the variety is huge! It was hard to choose, but I like stripes and I need more tops to balance out all the pants and skirts I have, so the choice quickly became clear.

striped top and skinnies

Even among one type of garment, for example dresses, you’ll find lots of styles: retro, glitzy, wrap–and a whole section devoted to the LBD! Sizes range from 0 to 36 and are reasonable priced. eShakti would be a great option for a bridal party. Luckily, there’s a whole section of their website devoted to wedding wear.

For over seven years, eShakti has focused exclusively on customizable women’s wear. They saw the Internet as a great tool and an opportunity to let women customize and personalize their clothes. That means you can choose your sleeve type, neckline and length. Here’s one dress, cut three ways:

eshakti examples

Photo courtesy of

Customizing your order is really reasonable (about $7.50–seriously). Amazingly, custom items are returnable (but I bet you’ll want to keep yours).

I love the idea of customizing clothing. We’re all unique and we all have different fashion needs: work wear, weekend wear, meeting the parents. Even though I didn’t customize my top, it was still made for me. I included my size on the order form, but I also gave my height. I’ve never done that before when placing an order! The result is a top that sits right and is well proportioned.

green and purple

My top arrived in just a few days. I’m glad a chose this one. I don’t often wear embellished items but the beautiful beading on the shoulder makes a simple top so unique. The gathers and ruching make this more special than an ordinary T.

details of top

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11 responses to “My eShakti Custom Top

  1. What a cute top! Looks great with your colored jeans!

  2. I love this, Jean! The draping is beautiful, and the stripe/embellishment combo is gorgeous. What a fun tool. I’ve been curious about the company so I’ll have to hop over and check it out since you had such a good experience. Thanks!!! ~Sarah

  3. WOW!! This top is beautiful and so unique! I had a look at their site, fabulous clothes and the custom idea is great!

    • Isn’t it neat? It’s like getting a personalized, tailored piece just for you. I know some tall friends who will love this. Mini skirts are often a bit too mini for long-legged beauties!

  4. Love how that top drapes. Beautiful!

  5. Cool top! I recently won a promo with eShakti and I’m looking forward to redeeming my prize soon. I think I’m going for a dress. Can’t wait to see the results!

  6. Great post! I’m loving the details if the top and how you paired it up with the whole outfit!

  7. I know! eShakti is the best! I love how their clothes are custom, made by hand and SO well made.

    You should sign up for my giveaway on and win an eShakti item of your choice!

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