Striped Shirt Two ways

This past summer I wore my blue, white and green striped shirt with a denim skirt, denim shorts, and even white jeans. It felt fresh and crisp but I didn’t want to put it away until next spring.

summer look

Top: Mexx
Skirt: Dress Barn

I decided to try a bit of pattern mixing and give this top some fall style so I paired it with a skirt in the same hues, tights and boots. It was then that I realized the lovely, draped neckline was a bit too low-cut for work. So I did what I’ve done before: I wore the top backwards.

draped back

Wearing it backwards gave me a top with a boat neck and a low back. I didn’t mind showing off the back, but a cardigan or jacket covered it nicely.

top with jacket

Jacket: Swapped
Skirt: Eric MacLeod
Tights: Roots Canada
Boots: Wanted
Bracelet and earrings: Claire’s

I was more covered up for work and the top could stay in rotation in my fall wardrobe.

pattern mixing

work top

Do you have any tricks for being work-appropriate or extending summer items into fall?


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8 responses to “Striped Shirt Two ways

  1. marlaslife

    That outfit looks so cute. Love the neckline of that shirt.

  2. What a clever way to brighten up a fall outfit with stripes! I’ll have to try that. I notice so many dreary looks during fall and winter, I love how you put the cherry on the top with pops of colour! Great way to wear neutrals and have a little summer fun through the winter. Great post as always and I love how you’ve captured Margo at the right moment! Who took this picture?

  3. At Home With Cat

    Great colors on you! Extending pieces of clothing from one season into the next is so practical and gives you more choices. I love how you wore the shirt backwards!

  4. Ohhh! I love the second look with the mixed prints! Those colors are beautiful and remind me of a peacock. And you’re so on trend by incorporating Emerald -the color of the year!!! ~Sarah

    • I just read that emerald is the color of the year. I’ve wanted a pair of emerald jeans. Maybe now I’ll be able to find them easier! I do love the colors of a peacock. The best combos are found in nature–especially birds and fish!

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