Holiday Party Outfits

I look forward to Christmas and New Year’s parties and love to dress to the nines. For me, that usually means a long dress. For black tie events, I like to wear a gown, but I’ve been known to wear cocktail dresses to less formal affairs. Sequins, satin, velvet and embellishments add to the holiday flair.

This year I had two parties on my list, and I broke tradition: I wore pants. I wear pants a lot but I’ve always thought dresses were, well, dressier. However, I had a fantastic sequined blazer and I wanted to try it out.

sequined blazer

For the first holiday party, I wore the blazer with a cowl necked ivory top and glazed black denim. Yup, I wore jeans to the biggest party of the year. But I paired them with Christian Louboutin booties, which take any outfit up a few notches. And when denim is black, it always looks elegant.

Black on black

jeans and Louboutins

cream and black

Jacket: Thrifted
Top: Express
Jeans: Zara
Purse: Thrifted
Bracelet: Thrifted
Shoes: Christian Louboutin via consignment

The next party was just as fun, and I was one of the MCs! I had to corral 200 of my closest colleagues and lead the events of the afternoon. I’d heard it was a tough job (“herding cats” was part of the pep talk), so I dazzled them with red satin pants and the same sequined blazer I’d worn to the gala the weekend before. I was determined to get noticed.

Black and white and red all over

Jacket: Thrifted
Top: Express
Pants: Armani via Goodwill
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik via consignment
Earrings: Claire’s

It worked. I chatted up the room, kept the events going (gingerbread house building and a white elephant gift exchange were on the list), and made sure people found the main buffet, vegan table, and chocolate fountain.

red pants

Dressing the part helped get me into the role and made people pay attention to what I had to say. Carrying a mic around and talking to a crowd that big isn’t part of my usual day!

shiny outfit

I loved these pants when I found them at Goodwill and knew I’d find a good use for them. The only problem was, with heels, they were a bit short. I like to break fashion rules, but unless they’re gauchos, wide pants need to be long–at least in my book.

The solution: Hubby let out the hem for me so the pants could skim the ground as they were intended. Yes, the creases still visible (and I need to finish the edge), but no one noticed. What’s worse than a frayed edge? Highwaters. Definite faux-pas!

holiday pants

Have you been to any holiday parties lately? Got plans for New Year’s? If so, let me know what you like wearing to festivities.

dressy pants

This post is part of the Ethical Fashion Bloggers holiday party challenge, Visible Monday, and Thrifter’s Anonymous–a three-fer!


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11 responses to “Holiday Party Outfits

  1. Oooh, that blazer is fancy. I would never think to pick a fancy blazer but it looks great. So cool that you had a vegan table at the event, too.

    • Thanks! I bought that a while ago and wondered if I would ever dare wear it. But it came in handy for the parties (and was warmer than spaghetti straps). I’m so grateful that my work always has vegan options. The cafeterias have Field Roast and vegan cheese for the sandwich bars and offer a vegan soup, burger, pasta dish and rotating entreé every day. It’s awesome!

  2. Those outfits are all so pretty. I really love that jacket with the dark pants.

  3. Gorgeous! Love the red trousers. Thanks for sharing your fab looks with Visible Monday : >

  4. WHOA. Both outfits are amazing- perfect for holiday parties- full of zing and sparkle and the thing for ANY occasion. You and those booties must have cut quite the rug at your big party- you look stunning.
    The red bells are Ho-Ho-AWESOME as well. I can see how you mesmerized your crowd as emcee.

    • Thank you! I’m going to wear that blazer with jeans soon. I think it will go with anything. And the red pants, I’ll try them with a T for a casual look. It’s probably versatile too, despite the bright hue. Oh yeah, I was so happy to get those booties on consignment. I would never have forked over the full price for them–but they are awesome (and suprisingly comfy).

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