Shopping in Kirkland with my Mom

My parents visited me from their home in Canada recently. They were here for a workshop: my dad worked while my mom shopped! You might remember the kitchen remodel post I shared last week. Here’s a “during” shot of my dad hard at work.

dad at work

One afternoon while he was working, my mom and I went to Kirkland, Washington, a small city just east of Seattle. Kirkland has a lot of neat shops, including one of my favorite consignment stores, Ragamoffyn’s.

My mom and I did a bit of window shopping and had an impromptu photo shoot. When a passerby saw us taking turns with a camera, she took our photo as we posed by a neat bunny statue.

Jean and mom

A few years ago I took a picture of these two rabbits and painted a picture of them, which I call “Snuggle Bunnies.”

snuggle bunnies

I blogged about my dining room before I moved. Here, you can see the table and chairs in my new place, complete with the painting on the wall. I’m still deciding what color to paint the room.

dining room

One of the great things about hanging out with my mom is that I have my own personal photographer (and so does she). My mom runs the blog Fashionable over 50 and captures her stylish moments, shopping trips, and adventures too. It runs in the family!

black and orange

stripes with orange

Jacket: Jones New York
Top: Ross Dress for Less
Pants: Dickies
Boots: MIA
Purse: Crystalyn Kae

It’s a lot more fun to have a friend or loved one snap pictures. Posing with a tripod does the job, but an expert eye for composition goes a long way. I wish we lived closer together. Other than our yearly visits, I use a tripod or solicit the help of my husband–but he can’t always follow me around with a camera!


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16 responses to “Shopping in Kirkland with my Mom

  1. I love the outfit you are wearing. That coat is awesome. Your mother is so beautiful and looks so young!

  2. Great memories!! Are you going to do a post on those fabulous purple boots you bought at Ragamoffyn’s?

    Love those “Snuggle Bunnies”–You are talented painting with a brush as well as painting with words.

    I’d love to buy the house next door and I could be your photographer.

    Can’t wait till summer!

  3. Reblogged this on fashionable over 50 and commented:
    While visiting Jean in Seattle, shopping was definitely on the agenda–as well as giving her new home a face-lift!

  4. At Home With Cat

    You both looked great and enjoy reading both your blogs. Your painting fits perfectly in your room. It shows (your) personality. 🙂

  5. ohmygoshyourdiningroomisahhhhmazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE every piece and the color scheme is gorgeous. Plus, your adorable outfit coordinates so well!!! ~Sarah

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