Read my Belt Buckle

A few years ago, while poking around some vintage boutiques, I found a belt buckle with my name on it. If something has your name written all over it, you get it, right?

belt buckle

I don’t wear belts with jeans a lot because they’re bulky and tend to make my longer shirts lumpy. But this top skims my waist, shows off the buckle, but isn’t too short that it’s midriff-baring. So I attached it to a rubber belt and added it to my otherwise plain outfit.

jeans and a T

Top: Swapped
Jeans: Swapped
Shoes: Thrifted
Cuff: Gifted
Bag: Sue Huston (sample sale)
Belt strap: Alternative Outfitters
Belt Buckle: Red Light Vintage

simple outfit

All three of my furry beasts made it into this shot! You can barely see Alice’s ears. She’s outside under close supervision. Being blind, she can’t be left out alone, but she also doesn’t know the escape routes (like Margo). Margo lives inside and has access to a catio I made. She still wants freedom, but it’s too dangerous on the busy street where we live.

outfit details

Sometimes jeans and a T is all I want to wear. I kept this fun with stacked heels and a bright bag.

This post is part of Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet and ColorBlind’s Thrifter’s Anonymous– Check out all the other thrifty, visible women!

Update: I just joined The Pleated Poppy and Transatlantic Blonde too–for WIWW. More group post fun!


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16 responses to “Read my Belt Buckle

  1. Yay, fun! You know how much I love Red Light, and that was one hell of a find for you, Miss Jean! How cool 🙂

  2. Fab belt buckle – I agree, jeans and a tee and a special piece can make a wardrobe most every day! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. What a sweet little piece, and really takes casual up a notch! Love the pet-accessories, of course. You do understand that you’d look good even if you were dressed in a large paper bag, don’t you?
    Thanks for the inspiration, and have a wonderful 2013!

  4. Ooohhh! You were absolutely obligated to purchase this belt, Jean! How cool. Where is Red Light? I’ve heard of it, and would like to check it out. This outfit is so fresh and modern, love the color of the bag. ~Sarah

    P.S. Your animals have such sophisticated names! Too posh!!! 🙂

    • There are Two Red Light locations: The U District and Capitol Hill. I got this on in Capitol Hill. If you ever want to go, I’ll join you!

      Oh, I’m a sucker for giving animals human names 😛

  5. Those jeans fit you so well. I love that belt. I usually never wear a belt with jeans unless it’s wrapped around a longer shirt or tunic top. I’m pretty short waisted so I need to give the illusion of a longer torso. I usually never tuck my shirts in. You however look great in this.

    • I lucked out with the pants! They seem made for me. I have a lot of belts, but like you, I wear them over tunics and dresses mostly. Rarely as a functional, keep-your-pants-up accessory 🙂

  6. So cool that you found a buckle that had your name on it–perfect accessory for your jeans! I love belts and have collected many over the years but hardly ever wear them for the same reason–I wear my tops over my bottoms and so not only does the buckle make it bulky, but nobody can see the belt.

    Your furry family sure like to get into the action! I’m so glad you keep the kitties indoors; not only to protect them from the dangers of traffic and other animals, but also to protect the wildlife. Many birds are killed by wandering cats. I once mentioned this to someone who let their cat run free outdoors and they defended this by saying it is natural for cats to do that. I informed them that cats are not natural to our environment, especially in such large numbers. Sadly, cats are killed by cars, their owners failed to protect them.

    Moral of the story;

    Cars are not natural to animals habitats; keep cats safe indoors or in catios. 🙂

    • True – no one sees a belt under a longer top and it just looks bulky. That’s why I hardly wear belts either.

      It’s hard for me to take a picture without the animals flocking around 🙂 I don’t mind but they often upstage me! I agree with you about keeping cats indoors. I love all the wildlife that comes to my yard (birds mostly). I wouldn’t want to lure them here with plants full of seeds only to have them taken out by a cat. Cats aren’t part of the ecosystem and they don’t need to hunt to eat. They have a full bowl inside and are safe from cars, dogs, and malicious people in their catio.

  7. People would pay a lot of money to have their name custom printed on their belt buckle. Lucky you, that you found one ready made. 🙂

    I love the term, ‘catio’. My kitties only go outside with supervision as well. Keeps them safe, but they get the benefits of feeling earth under their feet.

    Cheers from your neighbour to the north.

    Sue xo

  8. Love seeing that Sue Huston bag! Looks great with what you’re wearing.

  9. that buckle is AMAZING! i had a classmate that had one that said CORN with a bunch of kernels and i always loved it.

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