Orange Blazer and Jeans

I’m wearing my thrifted orange blazer again. It’s a favorite piece that I keep going back to. And since Lindsay Living is having a thrifting link-up, I thought I should share how I’m wearing it now.

orange blazer

Blazer: Goodwill (Seattle)
T-shirt: H&M via Goodwill (Pittsburgh)
Jeans: Forever 21 via Goodwill (Bellevue)
Boots: Old Navy

I’ve worn this before with dress pants and here I’m wearing it with green and denim, both of which I got at Goodwill too. In fact, only my shoes are new, and they weren’t pricy. It’s a thrifty outfit.

orange and green

I’m laughing because I saved so much money.

Do you check out thrift stores when you travel? I like seeing what lands in shops in other areas and was thrilled to get this sneaker-motif T when I was in Steel City a couple of years ago.

I also have a little DIY project planned for this jacket so when you see it next, it will look a little different.


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9 responses to “Orange Blazer and Jeans

  1. I really love the color of your jacket and the way it fits. Really adds color to this outfit.

  2. WOW!! Love your jacket!! You look fabulous!! I need to add some more colour to my wardrobe so I bought a cherry red cardigan. As much as I love neutrals, pops of colour adds life to an outfit. Can’t imagine what you’ll do to this jacket. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

  3. The blazer is darling, Jean! It has a bit of a steampunk vibe to it. I can’t imagine what could be done to make it cuter, but I trust your style and creativity. Can’t wait to see it!!! ~Sarah

  4. BATIK On Denim Jeans

    Wow…Nice Combination of Jeans from the top to bottom, From, PIN BBM 29DAB01E

  5. Edie Raye Maher

    Love this outfit! Well, love most every outfit you post, so…. You’re clever and your creativity is always inspiring. ~Edie

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