Sheer Sweater and Jeans

I forgot about these photos. This is a sweater I bought a couple of months ago. I jumped on the sheer sweater trend because they’re great for layering and aren’t too hot in milder climates or indoors.

sheer sweater

Sweater: Target
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Shoes: Crossroads Trading
Purse: Matt & Nat
Bracelets: Gifted (thanks Jon!)

I also liked that the color is a brighter version of coral. Not quite neon and deeper than melon. I’ll showcase these boots better soon. They’re a chocolate-brown faux suede that I picked up at Crossroads trading. Second hand, but never worn. Score! And my thoughtful brother, Jonathan, bought me these bracelets. How nice!

sweater and jeans

By swapping out what I wear under it, I can really change the look. The only trouble is that is snags really easily. So I use my handy crochet hook to pull errant threads to the inside of the sweater, where they’re less visible.

hobo bag

This piece should take me well into spring too. Oh, the bag is made of recycled water bottles but to look at it, you’d think it was suede. Pretty neat!

I’ve linked up with Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet today. Check out all the other look-at-me women!


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5 responses to “Sheer Sweater and Jeans

  1. SadieSewBaggins

    LOVE that purse! (and esp that it’s made out of recycled bottles) By any chance did you find it at the Chocolate Shoebox? Would you mind if I try to find one for myself? (it won’t be the first time we have the same bag!)

    • Thanks! I got it on the M&N site and you’re more than welcome to get one (but I’ve had it a while). If they don’t have them anymore, and I ever want to part with this, I’ll send it your way.

      Oh, I’m totally going to Chocolate Shoebox this week. Gotta support them!

  2. I love the color of your sweater – so cheery! And the purse is rather amazing, I’d like to find one too! Thanks for linking up : >

  3. Kachet - The Lipstick Giraffe

    This piece will definitely take you into Spring! Love the red, and how you can change it up with different color layers underneath! 🙂

  4. I so love the sheer layering sweaters (particularly this one on you!) Who knew they would be such a pain with the snagging! Good to know I’m not alone. You look so together in this casual outfit. That is a state that I envy this week! Enjoy.

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