Goddess Facial at Djaouida Skincare

I was recently given an offer I couldn’t refuse: to review a decadent chocolate and coconut goddess facial from Djaouida Skincare. What a luxury!

I met Djaouida at her West Seattle salon and settled into a warm bed in a relaxing room. With ingredients like coconut, chocolate, pumpkin, pineapple and papaya, you might think I’d wandered into a bakery or a smoothie shop. Her products are all-natural and the treatments are full of antioxidants and nourishing properties.

Djaouida has several types of facials to choose from, as well as sugaring (a gentle and natural hair removal) and massage.

the spa

I chose the goddess facial because I couldn’t resist the sound of a gentle cleanse, followed by a pomegranate scrub, and coconut and chocolate masks. Djaouida warned me that I’d smell like a Mounds candy bar when I was done–and she was right! Mmm!

The facial felt great, but it was more than pure decadence. It provided antioxidants and had anti-aging properties. When I was done, my skin was glowing and I felt rested. I realized I’d been doing this all wrong. I’d let other salons apply harsh chemicals to my skin, which dried it out and, frankly, burned it. It didn’t seem right. Now I know it wasn’t. I need to pamper my skin and treat it carefully. At Djaouida’s, I left hydrated and rested.

post facial

Best of all, Djaouida is a wonderful person and made the whole experience such a treat. She’s professional, but she’s also the type of person that you’d want to have a glass of wine with. I learned a lot about skincare during my one visit and I can’t wait to go back.

I’ll be making a facial at Djaouida’s part of my regular beauty routine. I can’t decide which facial to try next: Hawaiian? Pumpkin? Maybe Moroccan!

If you’re in the greater Seattle area, I highly recommend booking an appointment for a luxurious facial.


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6 responses to “Goddess Facial at Djaouida Skincare

  1. Its always good to have some pampering time. Looks like you enjoyed yours 😉

  2. Sounds wonderful!! I’ll have to book an appointment next time I come to Seattle. Women spend so much money on clothes and shoes that eventually wear out. How much is our face worth? Our skin should be receiving this kind of pampering. Skincare is more important than buying another dress.

  3. Ohhh! It just sounds so lovely! I really need to book my appointment, I’ve just felt so icky, hopefully that will fade with the second trimester. When I go, I think I’ll try the papaya, sounds exotic and refreshing. Your skin (which is already enviable) looks so glowy and youthful, Jean! Thank you so much for all your encouraging words on my post today!!! ~Sarah

    • As soon as you feel up to it, do it! You deserve some pampering–especially since you’ll be pampering a little one soon!

      Oh, and thanks for the compliments. I stay out of the sun and I use sunscreen. That’s my secret. Of course, I need vitamin D supplements, but what can you do?

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