Circle Motif Dress

I love circles. When I first moved to Seattle, my bedroom had circles sheets and 45s (little vinyl records) on the wall–to complete the circle motif. There’s something soft and pleasing about their gentle symmetry. Little dots sometimes feel retro in a 1940s and 50s way, but circles are mod and have a 60s feel to them.


Dress: The Frock Shop
Cardi: Thrifted
Boots: MIA
Necklace: Falling Whistles

Here, I’m wearing my circles in the form of a patterned dress.


I liked the unexpected color combination. The red, gray and black make sense, but the brown, which works so well, is unusual. I like wearing several neutrals at the same time (navy and black, or gray and brown), and this pattern takes that idea a step further.

red, gray, black, and brown

I can’t wait until spring when I can ditch the cardi and swap out the boots for sandals.


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7 responses to “Circle Motif Dress

  1. It’s a fun look and reminds me of the mod 60s–the London look!!
    You’ll be wearing sandals before I can.

  2. Hi, Jean! I’ve missed you, since I’ve been languishing in sicky-ville over here. This dress is darling. I love that it has sort of an mid ’60s mod-movement vibe to it. I am seconding your wish for warmer spring weather! Hugs!!! ~Sarah

  3. Great dress!
    Love the 60s vibe and the colours and cut are perfect on you. 🙂

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