Hawaiian Getaway

Mr. Jean of all Trades and I took a quick Hawaiian vacation recently. We left Seattle on a Thursday morning and came back on Monday. It was a long-long weekend. Probably too short in retrospect, but any time away is better than none.

It’s a five-hour flight to Honolulu, and that gave us the afternoon to wander through Waikiki, the busy, touristy part of the city. I was thrilled when The Pacific Beach Hotel upgraded us to an ocean-view room. Those little dots in the water are surfers waiting to catch a wave. The water seemed calm but every now and then, they’d ride a wave to the shore.

view from the room

Hotels in Waikiki are pricy so I picked a less expensive, no-frills place to stay. It was clean and close to everything. That’s all we needed. This picture is of the hotel next door.

Waikiki hotel

The beach was beautiful and it was a treat to see palm trees again.


The last time I saw any was in Florida last year, when I met up with my parents who were staying in Pompano Beach.

Evening in Waikiki

We savored the sunset and watched the ships along the horizon. It was hard to believe we’d been in Seattle that morning.


When the sun lowered, the glow was gone.


But it stayed light later than it does in Seattle this time of year.

pre-valentines' day dinner

Best of all, it stayed warm! We wandered the beach before heading off for a Valentine’s Day dinner.

I picked up this maxi dress at a clothing exchange this past fall. I jokingly said that I didn’t have anywhere to wear it but I’d take it for my next trip to Hawaii (not knowing I’d be heading there so soon)! We ate in an Italian restaurant where I found a delicious vegan pasta dish and a drink made with sparkling wine and hibiscus juice. Welcome to paradise!

Next up is our first full day on Oahu: Exploring Honolulu.


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7 responses to “Hawaiian Getaway

  1. What a lovely couple! Wish I were there!

  2. Would have loved to have met up with you in Hawaii!! Perhaps another time. 🙂 Lovely photos; your long sundress looks perfect for the beach, a great picture of the two of you and the palm trees bring back vivid memories of Florida!

  3. Glad you got a chance to get out of the dreary gray for a few days! Great pics, especially the couple shot 🙂

  4. Bob Eberhardt

    I do like long elegant dresses…..this one is so becoming….I’m sure Terrance appreciates the dress and you. You are both beaming.

    • Thanks! The dress was a great travel piece. Good for shopping, dinner, or even as a beach coverup. I think Terrence liked it 🙂

      The sunset cast the most beautiful light that was really flattering. I’m glad we got a couple shot. Don’t have too many of the two of us together.

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