Boots for the Rain

I promised that my previous post would be the last one about Hawaii. True to my word, I’ve changed focus from bikinis to boots. This also ties in nicely with Sophistique Noir’s theme post: Purple.

black and gray and purple

I bought these purple Hunter wedge-heel rain boots when my parents visited recently but I hadn’t yet posted the mom-daughter shots we took one rainy Seattle morning.


On this day, we ate brunch at Sunlight Vegetarian Café and were on our way to the Fremont Sunday Market (again). Boots are the best way to keep dry. Both pairs are mine–I loaned my mom, a blogger in her own right–the black knee-high MIA boots for the day. They’re faux leather and hold up really well in the wet.

Mom and Jean

Go see what other purple things people are writing about at Sophistique Noir!


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25 responses to “Boots for the Rain

  1. I’ve lived in SoCal too long – I had no idea they were doing such fabulous things with rain boots these days! They’ve come a long way since my Midwest childhood; I always hated wearing the ugly things we were limited to back then. 😉

    Purple, grey and black has become one of my favorite color combinations, so I am totally in love with this.

    I love pics of you and your mom – you both always look great and you are such a cute pair! And so lucky to be able to share shoes!!

    • Oh yes! Here in Seattle, we know all about rain hear. And I’m not interested in anything that look practical 🙂 I’ve seen lace “infused” rubber boots, western-style rubber boots, and of course boots with heels. I’d trade them all in for a chance to live in So-Cal though!

      We didn’t mean to coordinate that day, but it worked out. I like the color combination too. My mom is one of my style mentors. Years of avoiding the sun has paid off for her too.

  2. Two gorgeous ladies!
    Fantastic way to play in the rain. 🙂

  3. Love those purple boots–makes you look taller than me 😉

    Tomorrow’s Saturday and I would love to start the day off with brunch at the Sunlight Vegetarian Café and then meander through the Fremont Sunday Market! Guess we’ll have to wail until summer.

  4. Gorgeous, both mother and daughter. And magnificent boots, too. Jean boots are beautiful and your shirt, too.

  5. So enviable! Those are verrrry special!

  6. So cool rain boots! It is so hard to find something practical that looks so nice as your boots. Is that your mom?? She looks so young. You both have good geenes 🙂
    I love the tunic shirt she is wearing.

    • Thanks! Yes, that’s my mom. 61 and looking good 😉 She talked me into those purple boots, if you can believe it. I saw them at a consignment shop but they were still a bit pricy. I was concerned about saving for home reno stuff and she told me I’d regret not getting them. So true.

  7. Great rain boots ladies.

  8. Wow, your mom is 61? What am I doing wrong! LOL

    You both look fantastic! I would definitely wear a pair of purple snowboots, because we hardly ever get rain here. Just snow. :o)

  9. You both look fantastic. 🙂

  10. love them love them love them because my favorite color is purple!!

  11. Tanja

    I just “discovered” those purple ones,I want them,but it looks like that is an older model,can’t find them anywhere?
    Where did you get them?

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