Poncho Weather

Okay, it really wasn’t poncho weather but I had on my teal flares and the poncho added to the 70s vibe so I went with it. I probably should have worn a coat.

shades and a poncho

Poncho: Perry Ellis via swapped
Top: Loehmann’s
Flares: UA via Crossroads Trading Company
Shoes: Goodwill
Purse: Shiraleah
Cuff: Greenbelts
Sunglasses: The Fashion Truck

I had a photographer (my husband) help me on this day, and I like that you can see him in the reflection in the window. The ladder is in the empty store behind me. It makes for quite a mashup!

poncho and flares

I love flares and skinny jeans equally. They both give me a pep in my step, just in different ways. I’ll probably never narrow down “a look,” but boho rock n’ roll might come close. Others just call me quirky!

shirt and flares

How would you describe your style? What types of styles are your favorite?

I’m linking up with Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet and Thrifters Anonymous at Color Blind. Check out what the others are wearing to get noticed!


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10 responses to “Poncho Weather

  1. Those trousers are amazing!!! I haven’t seen flares anywhere for a while, they should make a comeback!

  2. Great poncho and *love* the flares. Retro and modern-cool at the same time! Thanks for linking up to Vis Monday.

  3. “Boho rock ‘n’ roll” -I love it!!! I think you rock the bohemian look very well, Jean. And how cool are the reflections of The Mr. in the window. So artsy to go with your boho look! ~Sarah

  4. Nice photo shoot!!

    I’ll always love flares (long is a must) and I particularly love the colour of yours!! I was just looking at the new spring clothes in the windows at the mall yesterday and saw a top in a similar shade, so fresh and a summer fun colour!!

  5. Blue Hue Wonderland

    I like this look, you wear it beautifully. Great haircut! Red purse looks perfect with the blue pants.

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