Visiting the LeMay Car Museum

Cars are an important part of American culture. From songs like Bitchin’ Camero and Little Red Corvette (and that’s just the 80s), cars are front and center in our lives.


That’s why visiting the LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington was fun for my parents, husband, and myself–There’s something for everyone.

LeMay Museum

Harold LeMay amassed the world’s largest private car collection and captured the evolution of the American car. He had examples from the Ford Model T to Tuckers and Packards.


LeMay collected American cars mostly, but also foreign automobiles…


…and even motorcycles.


I never really thought about how car trunks used to literally be trunks strapped to the back of a car.


I’m glad tire technology has evolved. Stamping the words non skid onto the tread isn’t that effective!

non skid

The collection is stunning, and so is the building the cars are housed in.

car row

With six ramps and four floors of cars, it took us a while to go through it all.


My mom liked the swingin’ 60s exhibit that tied the cars and clothes of London together.

60s fashion

This Sunbeam exemplifies that era.


My Dad liked the tie-in with the music of his generation.

60s music

My husband liked anything fast!

red fin

I liked this original Mini Cooper.


The museum houses about 350 cars–only 10% of what LeMay collected (the rest of the collection is still in the family and is in the process of being donated to the museum). In addition to the vehicles, there are interactive displays, a mini RC racetrack, theater, restaurant and gift shop. throughout the year, you’ll find lectures, classes and car shows.

If you’re in the area, I hope you check it out!


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