Sunny Seattle Stripes

I love Seattle when the sun is out. This past weekend was the first time in a long time (not counting Hawaii), when I could bare my legs. It was that warm out. The mister and I even had a picnic outdoors and had drinks on an outdoor patio!


Top: Mexx
Shrug: Ross Dress for Less
Skirt: Dress Barn
Shoes: Aerosoles
Purse: Sue Huston
Glasses: Street market in Florida

I’ve worn this top before with shorts and with pants, and here it is with a skirt. I’m still on the lookout for a true Kelly green pair of skinny jeans or capris so I can wear this top with those too. In the meantime, I thought the pink and yellow accents make this a springy look.

pops of pink and yellow

When I wrote up this post, I had a suspicion I’d used the title before. I did a search and found a post from almost two years ago called Stripes in Sunny Seattle. Coincidentally, I’m wearing the same skirt and sandals–but a different striped top.

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10 responses to “Sunny Seattle Stripes

  1. Hey, Jean! We have almost the same blog name :)! Anyway, love the neckline of your top.. not sure what it is call though.. cowl?


    • Nice to meet another person who wears many hats! I’ll be sure to check out your blog too. I’m not sure what to call that neckline: draped, cowl? I think of a cowl as a loose turtleneck, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to find out. Last week I spent time on Wikipedia researching collars. Who knew that’s what would get my attention that evening! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Such a great look for a sunny Seattle day : >
    You look lovely and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. Ha ha ha! Good title- worth a recycle! Love that top!

    • Thanks! It’s one of the few full-price splurges I’ve made. The colors are so fun I thought it would be worth it. And I’m a sucker for consonance 🙂 Had to use the that title again!

  4. Certainly looks like spring in Seattle! The top looks chic dressed up in your white flares and great with denim shorts, as well. I love the way it drapes at the neckline.

    Interesting how your purse and shoes compliment the colours in the stripes even though pink and yellow are not in your top–as an artist, I’m sure that helps you choose colours that harmonize, there’s an art to it or you could end up looking uncoordinated and mismatched which is almost as bad as too matchy matchy! 😉

    • Thanks! I was drawn to the stripes and to the neckline. I agree that too unmatched is just as bad as (or worse than) matchy-matchy. That’s why I still struggle with pattern-mixing.

  5. Enjoy the Seattle sunshine in your pretty outfit. But SHUSH … you’re not supposed to tell the world about sun in Seattle. You’re supposed to tell folks it rains ALL the TIME, so they won’t take a notion to move out to paradise. Sigh.
    Regardless, you look fine.

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