Denim on Denim

It’s true that too much denim can be overwhelming. If I wear a chambray shirt, I pair it with something other than jeans, for example. But if you can break up the sea of denim by mixing shades, you’re good to go.denim times two

Jacket: Swapped
Tank: Swapped
Jeans: BCBG Girls
Scarf: Gifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Ring: Shop in Boston

I wore my white jeans today an threw on a denim jacket. I didn’t feel like I was wearing a Canadian tuxedo though because the colors were varied.

white pants

I’m not a huge fan of rules (I am wearing white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day) but I don’t like the look of one shade of denim head to toe. If you wear all denim, be sure to have a good color contrast between the pieces.

blue and white

Sometimes it’s hard to find shoes that work with white pants. Depending on the outfit, caramel looks  nice and the contrast isn’t stark. For today’s casual look, I opted for blue velvet lace-up oxfords.

Do you follow (or break any fashion rules)?

I’ve joined Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet today. Check out what everyone else is wearing!


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7 responses to “Denim on Denim

  1. You look fab – love the white jeans!

  2. Great look, love the scarf and the shoes really add a finishing touch!
    I’m not one for rules either–I say, says who? If I like it, I wear it.
    I notice you have a lot of swapped, gifted and thrifted–no wonder you have so many clothes, shoes and accessories 😉

    • Yes, I do have a lot of swapped, gifted, and thrifted stuff in this post! It’s easy to collect things when they’re free or cheap! That scarf is from Marion. Do you recognize it? Glad you’re a rule-breaker too!

  3. Hey Jean! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award – congratulations! I love your blog and believe that you deserve this honor. To find out more about the award, check out my post, ‘Who Lies the Best?’ Yea, I had a little fun with the title of the award – haha!

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