DIY Glitter Heels

I recently took a pair of shoes from boho to disco. I really liked these cork-wrapped wedges but the cork had bubbled a bit, was scuffed, and wrinkled.


They looked older than they were.


I decided to remove the cork and replace it with sparkles! I carefully peeled off the cork and cut the edges away.

removing cork

Then I taped up the part of the shoe that I didn’t want to be sparkly.


I sprayed on a coat of sparkly fabric paint by I was a bit disappointed with the results.

fabric spray

So I went back to the craft store and bought a container of loose glitter. I painted white glue on the wedges, poured glitter over them, and shook the extra glitter off.



the results

This was an easy project and next time I sparkle up some heels I won’t even have to tape the rest of the shoe. The glitter sticks only to the glue. I bought the glitter for less than $5 and the time to complete this project was about an hour.

I almost forgot to mention that I added this post to Citizen Rosebud’s Shoe Shine group linkup. Have a look at everyone else’s dazzling footwear!


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13 responses to “DIY Glitter Heels

  1. Firstly, THANK YOU gorgeous Jean for linking up! Secondly, love the diy shoes! I’ve got a pair of booties that need similar treatment- I think you’ve inspired me to get on it!

    • Thank you! What a fun and timely challenge! I was just finish up the shoes when I saw your post. I’m looking forward to trying this on other shoes too. I’ll let you know how the glitter holds up and if I leave a trail of sparkle behind me!

    • Aren’t they? I was original looking for a graphite (black) sparkle (more subtle) but they were sold out of that shade and I didn’t want to wait. These are technically silver but they have a rainbow effect.

  2. What a change! Looks like a totally different shoes! Good job!

  3. GreenBean

    Those did turn out well

  4. Bob Eberhardt

    How resourceful….most people would simply “discard”. As we are encouraged to do: “reduce, reuse, recycle”

  5. SO FAB! Thanks for letting me know about this post, I’ve been SERIOUSLY behind in my blog reading. I love how you said boho to disco, that sums up the look perfectly! Can’t wait to see you sporting them around the city this summer!!! ~Sarah

    • You have a good reason for being behind on reading blogs! Getting ready for a new baby boy trumps everything else! Glad you like the post. You’ll know where I’ve been by the trail of glitter I leave in my wake 😉

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