On Top of the World

My parents visited us a few months ago. When they left to go home, hubby and I sent them off in style–with dinner at the revolving restaurant at the top of the Space Needle.

observation deck

Jacket: Wish
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Louboutin via consignment
Tights: Target
Purse: Target
Belt: Ross Dress for Less

We arrived at dusk so we could see both the daylight and nighttime views from the observation deck before our reservations.



Getting to the top is a breeze if you make dinner reservations. They’ll waive the cost of the trip up–and whisk you to the front of the elevator line. Like a VIP!

mom and jean

purple and blue

My mom also blogged about the event, where you can see the dress she borrowed and read about the meal we ate.

dinner outfit

The restaurant is a lot of fun. A full rotation takes a bit under an hour (so you’ll be sure to see the view from all sides during you meal). You’ll get to see the city, the Cascade Mountains to the East, Puget Sound, and the Olympic mountains to the west.


I’m linking up to Anything & Everything hosted by The Sapphire Bee and My Thrifty Chic. Check out what everyone else is up to!


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21 responses to “On Top of the World

  1. Your outfit is gorgeous, I love the lace skirt. Your jacket is also beautiful. Carmen is gorgeous in that dress and happy to be with her ​​daughter on a spectacular site.

    • Thank you! I wasn’t sure about the skirt. Didn’t think I’d wear it a lot because it’s “too dressy.” But I’ve found lots of ways to mix it.

      • Bob Eberhardt

        I see the skirt (and other items) are “Target”. Reports here in Canada is that the clothing in Target here is lower quality than in the USA!!!

        • Yes, I have quite a few things from Target. They have good prices and I find the quality (for mass-produced budget items) is good. I wonder if Canada is getting different items from different suppliers. I’ll have to comparison shop when I visit next time!

    • Thank you, Josep! It brings back such happy memories to look at these photos–it was a magical evening! Jean looked like a movie star and I felt so proud to be wearing my mom’s dress that belongs to Jean now.

  2. That sounds like a fabulous place to have dinner! Your outfit looks great too!

  3. What a night!! You looked radiant!!

    Love the two photos you took of the same view; one at the gloaming and the other after dark!

    I look forward to going to the Space Needle again. It was inspired by the first TV tower, the original Fernsehturm in Stuttgart, Germany, (opened in 1956). It’s interesting that you were born in Toronto, home of the world famous CN Tower and now live in Seattle, home of the magnificent Space Needle! 🙂

  4. Shelly

    Gorgeous! But, do they actually have edible food up there? We went there in ’97 when we were ovolacto and still even then there was hardly anything to eat and it was way overpriced.

    • Well, it was definitely overpriced! I told the waiter I was looking for vegan options and the chef whipped up a quinoa and veggie dish! There was also a salad without cheese and a soup for my dad. They had dairy-free sorbet as one of the dessert options. It’s doable, but it will set you back more than a few bucks!

      • Bob Eberhardt

        As Janet and I were told elsewhere…..you are paying for the venue, the ambiance….and eh you all got a “free” elevator ride!

        • So true! I’m sure the price of the ticket was hidden in our expensive meal. Nothing’s free, especially at a tourist venue. I did appreciate being ushered to the front of the line though 🙂

  5. I haven’t had dinner there yet… or even gone to take in the views. I definitely think it is time I change that!

    Dani // andbubblegum.com

  6. Bob Eberhardt

    “Like a VIP” reminds me of when we visited our friends in California. The four of us would walk into whatever restaurant and she would introduce us as her friends from Canada. Wow, what VIP treatment by the hostess, the wait staff,everybody, every time!

  7. Hey girl, you look lovely as always! Celeste:)

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